Fuse Holders

A fuse holder is a stationary component in an electrical system into which a fuse is inserted. The fuse holder is wired into the electrical system, and the fuse completes (closes) the circuit. Some fuse holders allow the fuse to be removed manually, while others’ designs necessitate the use of a special tool for fuse removal.
Fuse holders exist in a wide range of styles and sizes that directly correspond to the type and current rating of the accompanying fuse. A blade fuse holder, for example, will not accommodate a glass fuse. However, as standard blade fuses are all the same size and shape, and a fuse with the wrong amp rating could potentially be installed, leading to electrical damage, many fuses and some fuse holders include built-in features to ensure that only correctly-rated fuses are installed in the fuse holder.
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Fuse Holders for All Applications

Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. offers a variety of fuse holder options to meet the requirements of your electrical system. From standard automotive fuse holders and inline fuse holders to AMG hi-amp fuse holders and maxi fuse holders, we have the right solution for your needs. Our inventory includes:

We also stock a huge selection of electrical fuses.

ATC Fuse Holders & ATO Fuse Holders

ATC fuses and ATO fuses are the most commonly used type of modern automotive fuses—the familiar “blade fuse”. As such, it’s important to have the right ATO or ATC fuse holder for your vehicle’s electrical needs. We have ATO/ATC fuse holder solutions for replacing an existing automotive fuse holder and for adding new fused circuits for additional equipment or accessories. Available in a range of amperage ratings and wire sizes.

ATM Mini Blade Fuse Holders

ATM fuses are similar to ATC/ATO blade fuses, but are considerably smaller—hence the name “mini blade fuses”. ATM mini blade fuses are available in nearly as many amperage ratings as standard blade fuses, and, with the right ATM fuse holder, can be the perfect solution when space is limited.

AGC Fuse Holders & AGU Fuse Holders

Originally designed for automotive applications and known as “All Glass” fuses, AGC and AGU fuses are found in many older automobiles and their related electrical accessories. The “AG” is still used to indicate that they’re glass fuses. Dependable AGC fuse holders and AGU fuse holders are important to keep this legacy electrical technology working reliably. In many older automobiles, the glass fuse holders may be ready to be replacement—we the have durable, high performance replacement AGC/AGU fuse holders you need.

AMG Hi-Amp Fuse Holders

AMG hi-amp fuses are designed for use in ultra-high current systems. They require special hi-amp fuse holders to accommodate both their electrical requirements and their unique shape. Our hi-amp fuse holders are easy to install and will help enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle’s electrical system.

ANL Fuse Holders

ANL fuses are non-time delay, slower blow fuses that are engineered to accommodate more than the rated voltage for short periods, and to operate continuously at the rated level. Commonly used in small electric motors and in power supplies for smaller electrical devices, their unique design enables them to withstand power spikes caused when a motor or device powers on. ANL fuses are often used in RVs and other vehicles with heavy electrical loads from accessories.

Maxi Fuse Holders

Used in heavy-duty electrical circuits, maxi fuses are larger than standard blade fuses, and generally feature higher amp ratings. A maxi fuse holder is required to accommodate one of these “oversized” fuses and its electrical requirements. Our maxi fuse holder selection includes options for 40A, 60A, and 80A maxi fuses.

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Maney Wire & Cable has the right fuse holder for your application, from automotive fuse holders and inline fuse holders to ANL fuse holders and other more specialized solutions. We also stock a full line of fuses, wire and cable, and much more. Request a quote on the fuse holders you need, or contact us to learn more.