Welding Cable & Cord Products

Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. is a full line distributor of portable cord products in numerous voltage ratings. Whether you need a few feet of replacement cord or a few thousand feet of SJO wire, you will find we have a nice supply and great wholesale pricing at all quantity levels.

SO Cable and SJO Cable can also be used for automotive control or lighting applications. Our welding cable and cord products can be cut to your specific length requirements, or we can supply it on standard spool lengths.

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Welding Cable & Cord Products

Welding Cable

Maney Wire and Cable’s welding cable is constructed with premium 100% copper wire, and is insulated with advanced quality EDPM synthetic rubber. Welding cable is designed to be used in electric arc-welding machines and automotive and truck battery applications.

Welding Cable Advantages

Maney’s welding cable provides numerous beneficial features, some of which include:
  • Highly durable
  • Oil resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Compression cut resistant
  • And more

SOOW Cable

SOOW Cable is used in industrial and processing equipment, cranes, and hoists, track systems, tools, construction equipment, motors, and associated machinery, garage portable lights, battery chargers and equipment exposed to oils, solvents, flame, moisture, and other electrical equipment.

SOOW Cable Advantages

SOOW cable provides a variety of advantages over traditional cable products, some of the beneficial features include:
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Rugged outer jacket
  • Solvent resistant (oil, cut, ozone, sunlight, grease, water) 
  • Flame tests meet VW-1, FT2, and MSHA
  • Custom cut lengths

Type W Cable

Maney’s Type W cable is often used in portable power systems and entertainment productions such as nightclubs, television, movies, spotlights and sound systems. Type W cable is also used in applications that require permanent or temporary power.

Type W Cable Advantages

There are a wide range of features that are associated with Type W cable, these include:
  • EPDM or EPR insulation
  • 2000 volt capacity
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 90°C
  • Solvent resistant (oil, cut, ozone, sunlight, grease, water)
  • Meets or exceeds flame test requirements of MSHA and UL

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