Electrical fuses are safety devices designed to protect electrical circuits and connected components against damage caused by overcurrent conditions. Fuses are used in almost every type of vehicle or equipment that has an electrical system, such as automobiles, watercraft, and industrial machinery.

Fuses are sacrificial components—once they’ve served their purpose (protecting the circuit), they must be replaced. The key component in electrical fuses is a thin strip of metal (or a metal wire) which melts or burns away when the current level exceeds that which the fuse is designed to withstand. The broken strip or wire stops the current flow, thereby protecting the circuit and connected devices. They are, by design, the “weak link” in any electrical circuit.

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Automotive Fuses

Automotive fuses are a special subset of electrical fuses that are used to protect the electrical equipment and wiring in cars, trucks, and similar vehicles. And because their purpose is to protect the electrical system and the entire vehicle, this is not the place to use cheap generic brand knock-offs.  Maney WIre carries only high-quality fuses to assure your product is properly protected.  Automotive fuses are easily recognized by their blade-like shape (hence, the common nickname “blade fuses”). Most are rated for a maximum of 32VDC, though 42VDC automotive fuses are also widely used. Automotive fuses are color-coded by current rating for fast and easy visual recognition and to ensure that blown fuses are exchanged for properly-rated replacements. Blade fuses may occasionally be used in non-automotive applications.

Fuses for All Applications

Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. stocks a wide variety of electrical fuses for all applications.  From glass fuses to blade fuses, from fast-acting to slow-blow, we have it all. Our inventory includes:

ATC/ATO Blade Fuses

Found in most modern automobiles—from compact hybrids to diesel-powered semi trucks—these blade fuses are the most common, or “standard”, type of automotive fuses. ATO blade fuses and ATC blade fuses are alternate versions of (essentially) the same device, and can generally be used interchangeably provided that the amperage ratings are the same. Maney Wire & Cable offers ATO/ATC blade fuses with ratings from 2 amps to 40 amps for all automotive applications.

ATM Mini Blade Fuses

As the name suggests, mini blade fuses are smaller versions of standard ATC/ATO blade fuses. They are available in nearly as many amperage ratings, however, giving them outstanding versatility for use as automotive fuses or marine fuses. We offer ATM mini blade fuses with amperage ratings from 2 to 30.

Maxi Fuses

On the opposite end of the spectrum from mini fuses, maxi fuses are larger than standard blade fuses. Used in heavy-duty applications, they are available with higher amperage ratings than other types of blade fuses. Our inventory of maxi fuses includes models rated as high as 80 amps.

AGC Glass Fuses & AGU Glass Fuses

The “AG” designation for fuses originally meant “all glass.” In the automotive industry, the “AG” prefix is still used to denote glass fuses (rather than blade fuses). Like blade fuses, glass fuses are available in a variety of amperage ratings. Maney Wire & Cable offers both AGC glass fuses and AGU glass fuses, with amp ratings from 1 to 80 available to meet your electrical system needs.

AMG Hi-Amp Fuses

Hi-amp fuses are designed to provide ultra-high current protection for battery and alternator cables. With an easy-to-use, bolt-down design, hi-amp fuses are ideal for high vibration applications and can be mounted to fuse blocks. We stock AMG hi-amp fuses that are rated as high as 250 amps.

FMX J-Case Cartridge Type Fuses

J-case cartridge fuses are effective replacements for fusible links. FMX J-case fuses are the industry standard for female cartridge fuses and provide increased delay time along with reliable low voltage drop protection. Commonly used as automotive fuses and marine fuses, they are color-coded to denote amperage, and also feature the amp rating on the clear cartridge covering. We offer FMX J-case cartridge type fuses in 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 amp models.

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