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Maney Wire & Cable carries a wide variety of copper lugs and copper eyelets for electrical applications and other uses. All the copper lugs and eyelets we sell are made in the USA. We also sell dual wall heat shrink to help you create secure, long-lasting electrical connections, as well as crimp tools for fast and easy installation.

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Butt Connectors

Maney Wire & Cable offer high quality, high-performance butt splice connectors in a range of sizes and styles. Our inventory includes insulated and non-insulated butt connectors for all electrical applications.

Ring Connectors (Eyelets)

We carry a huge selection of standard and specialty ring connectors. We offer non-insulated, nylon-insulated, and vinyl-insulated rings, as well as high-temperature eyelet connectors and more.

Spade Connectors (Forks)

Our inventory of spade connectors includes standard, locking, flanged, and narrow block styles. We stock forks in a variety of sizes to meet your wiring needs.

Push On Terminals & Adapters

We offer quick-disconnect push on terminals in hundreds of styles and sizes, as well as adapters for fast and easy installation in any electrical application.

Bullet Connectors & Bullet Adapters

Maney Wire & Cable carries both insulated and non-insulated bullet terminals, in range of sizes and styles. We also offer bullet terminal adapters. We have the bullet connectors you need!

Wire Nuts

Perhaps the simplest of all wire terminals, wire nuts are useful for countless applications. We offer standard wire nuts, winged wire nuts, and underground wire nuts.

Crimp Caps

We stock clear nylon-insulated crimp caps in a range of AWG sizes. Also known as closed-end connectors, crimp caps are a quick-and-easy wire terminal solution.

Specialty Wire Connectors

We carry a variety of specialty wire terminals and connectors, including T-taps, X connectors, Y connectors, Skotch/Loks, and Quick Splice terminals.

Trailer Sockets & Trailer Plugs

Our inventory includes a variety of trailer socket and plug options. All our trailers sockets and trailer plugs meet ATA and SAE J560b requirements.

Weather Pack Connectors

With our selection of connector housings and pin, socket, and cable seals, we offer complete weather pack solutions for your outdoor electrical needs.

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