Hook-Up Wire


Hook-up wire is a single insulated conductor that may be used for low voltage, low current applications. Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. is a premier supplier of all types of electrical hook up wire. We have become a full line supplier of electrical wire and cable to a multitude of markets and with millions of feet of insulated wire in stock, we probably have the wire or cable to meet your needs.

Unlike other cable and wire suppliers, Maney Wire & Cable offers many value added services including in-house striping, printing, and twisting. Whether you need 100 feet or 100,000, you will find we have great wholesale pricing at all quantity levels.
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Hook-Up-Wire Applications

Hook-up-wire, (or lead wire as it is often called), is frequently used in a wide range of applications, some of which include:
  • Control panels
  • Meters
  • Internal wiring of computers
  • Automotive applications
  • Appliances
  • Business machines
  • Electronic equipment
  • And many more
Hook-up-wire is most often used within the enclosed electronic equipment. Certain types of the hook-up-wire can even be used in certain military applications.

Hook-Up-Wire Specifications

Most of our hook-up-wire products meet UL or military specifications. Other specifications that we offer, include:

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