Circuit Protection


Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. is your premier stocking supplier. we carry a full line of automotive circuit protection products that provide circuit protection for you and the vehicles you drive. Whether you need 25 fuses or 1000, you will find we have supplies and pricing that are well suited for all quantity levels. 

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Automotive Fuses, Fuse Holders, Fuse Blocks and Circuit Breakers

  • Fuses – A fuse is defined as a safety device consisting of a strip of wire that melts and breaks an electric circuit if the current exceeds a safe level.
  • Automotive fuse holders – Automotive fuse holders use a single fuse to provide automotive circuit protection to a single electrical circuit.
  • Fuse blocks – When used with the correct fuses, fuse blocks aid in automotive circuit protection by protecting the wiring in electrical circuits.
  • Circuit breakers As a proper safety measure a circuit breaker is an automatic device that is used for stopping the flow of current in an electric circuit.

Automotive Fuses and Automotive Circuit Breakers 

  • ATO / ATC automotive fuses – ATC/ATO blade type automotive circuit protection fuses were introduced in the late 1970’s. These types of fuses use the industry standard color-coding to indicate amp rating. They are also easy to be identified and installed.
  • Mini fuses – Mini style blade fuses offer similar electrical characteristics in a smaller package than the ATO/ATC style fuses. They are often used in a wide range of low voltage automotive and electronic applications.
  • Maxi fuses – A Maxi-fuse is a fast-acting blade fuse. It is standard for vehicle circuit protection and is designed to provide predictable time delay and low heat dissipation. These circuit protection fuses are color-coded for easy identification of fuse ratings. 
  • Hi-amp circuit breakers – Hi-amp circuit breakers offer excellent automotive circuit protection due to their ability to protect from overloads or current shortages.
  • Fuse holders – There are many different styles of fuse holders available in today’s market. The fuse holder you choose will largely depend upon the size and style of the fuse you are installing. 

We also carry fuse taps designed to add a circuit by tapping into an automotive fuse. 

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