About Us

Our Mission:

“Helping businesses succeed by being the quickest, most efficient and professional supplier of electrical wire, cable, and related accessories”

Our Credo

Our beliefs create the foundation for Maney Wire & Cable, Inc.

We believe our first responsibility is to God who created us and gave us the ability and talents to run such an enterprise. We must seek His direction and then allocate profits to help build His Kingdom.

We believe our second responsibility is to our fellow Team-members, the men and women, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives who have chosen this company to display their talents and abilities and who align their goals with ours. Co-workers must experience security and accomplishment in their positions. Wages must be fair and adequate to meet their individual and family needs. Expectations must be clearly communicated.

We believe our third responsibility is to the clients we serve. We believe we must listen to the customer to learn their needs and then meet those needs. They must receive exceptional value for their money. The products we provide must be quality products that meet their needs. Products must be fairly and competitively priced. Shipments and deliveries must be done quickly and on time. We must serve clients in excellence and give more than what is expected.

We believe our fourth responsibility is to be fiscally responsible. We must create a fair and adequate profit to fund future growth for the company. Shareholders must be reasonably rewarded for their investments. We must also maintain and control healthy cash flow and vendors must be paid on time.