Wiring Accessories


Wiring accessories are key components of any electrical plan. These products can make installation easier, improve safety, or enhance the usability of electrical components. Common wiring accessories include terminal blocks, bushings, and good ol’ electrical tape.

Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. is a full line distributor of all types of wiring accessories. We carry a wide range of rubber grommets and snap bushings to protect insulated wire as it passes though panels. We stock a variety of electrical tape, distribution blocks, terminal blocks, and antenna adapters for all applications. See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.
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Cord Grips

Cord grips provide a clean, efficient way to secure an electrical cord through a panel. For best results, it is recommended to use the smallest possible diameter to fit the application at hand. Maney offers durable, liquid-tight, all nylon cord grips with acme threads that help prevent skipping for faster installation. Multiple diameters are available to meet your needs.

Junction Blocks

Also known as “through panel power posts,” junction blocks are a fast and easy solution for extending power lines. Maney’s junction blocks consist of durable, 3/8” (10 mm) nickel-plated brass posts with stainless steel nuts. They are rated for up to 250 amps/48VDC.

Toggle Switches

A toggle switch provides a convenient way to power on/power off a circuit—just flip the switch! We offer toggle switches with sturdy plastic housings and steel-plated caps. They feature 11/16” long switches, are designed for mounting in 1/2” holes, and are rated at 21A/14VDC or 25A/12VDC. Permanent and momentary toggle switches are available. 

Nylon Grommets (Snap Bushings)

These durable, easy-to-install grommets are an effective way to protect wire and cable from damage as it passes through walls or panels. Molded from heat-stabilized nylon, they feature multiple locks to positively snap into panels up to 1/8” thick, and are available in a range of standard sizes up to 2” I.D. Our snap bushings meet UL and CSA temperature and pullout tests.

Rubber Grommets

Like their nylon counterparts (above), rubber grommets are a simple solution for protecting wires, cables, and loom from damage when passing through walls or panels. Made from durable black rubber, our grommets are available in standard I.D.s from 1/8” to 2-1/8”. We offer rubber grommets to fit 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16”, or 1/4” thick panels.

Electrical Tape

Possibly the most basic of all wiring accessories, electrical tape might also be the most versatile and useful. We offer traditional electrical tape in standard 3/4” width and a variety of colors, as well as wrap and seal silicone self-fusing tape that provides greater adhesion and durability for extreme conditions and indoor/outdoor use.

Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks are a clean and easy way to eliminate the need for wire splicing—simply insert wire ends on each side of the block and tighten the #8 screws to create a secure connection. Available with two to 12 gangs (positions) and in 20A, 30A or 75A ratings, our terminal blocks can accommodate wires from 22 AWG to 10 AWG and feature insulators that provide a protective barrier between each gang.

Cable Ties

Another simple, yet extremely versatile, wiring accessory, cable ties are intended to quickly secure cable bundles, harnesses, and components, but can be used for literally thousands of applications. A wide range of lengths and tensile strengths are available. Choose between natural or black zip ties for UV protection and weather resistance.  We offer both standard cable ties and cable ties with mounting holes that make them easy to attach to panels or walls.

Adhesive Backed Tie Mounts

These simple devices used to secure cable ties to panels. Our low profile tie mounts feature adhesive backing for fast and easy installation. Available in two sizes in black or natural (white).

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