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Maney Wire & Cable is the leading full-line distributor of wire and cable products. We sell top quality products (most of which are made in the USA), at highly competitive prices. With millions of feet of wire and cable inventory available, we’re ready to fulfill even the largest orders right away.

Since 1986, we’ve been supplying wire and cable for customers in all industries, all across North America. Our knowledgeable and reliable staff has the experience and the expertise to get you the perfect wire or cable for your unique application.

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Automotive Wire & Cable

Maney Wire & Cable has wire and cable for all automotive applications. From hook-up wire and battery cable to welding cable and trailer cable wire, we offer a wide range of automotive wire. Many of these products are also suitable for marine applications. Our automotive and marine wire and cable products meet SAE, ABYC, and Coast Guard specifications.

Hook-Up Wire

We supply all types of electrical hook-up wire, including a range of products that meet UL and/or mil-spec requirements. Our extensive inventory covers all major electrical applications and markets.

Cord Products

We offer portable cord products to meet most common voltage requirements. Our inventory includes everything from welding cable to EISL (entertainment industry stage lighting) cable, as well as SJO cable , SO cable, and type W, type G, and type GGC.

Electronic Cable

Our inventory of electronic cable includes both foil-shielded and non-shielded wire in CMR cable and CMP cable styles. We also stock Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables in riser and plenum styles. Whether you need a few hundred feet of wire for maintenance or replacement purposes or 10,000 feet for a big new project, we have the electronic cable you need.

Building Wire

Look no further than Maney Wire & Cable for the high-quality building wire your application requires. We offer a diverse line of building wire products including THHN wire in circuit sizes and power sizes, TFFN wire, TFN wire, and more. We are an excellent source for solid or stranded bare copper wire in soft drawn, medium hard drawn, and hard drawn styles. Solid or stranded tinned copper wire is also available in soft-drawn.

Tinned Copper Braid

Comprised of tightly woven, multi-strand tinned copper, this product is most often used as a flexible ground strap. Flat, flexible, and available in various widths and wire configurations, tinned copper braid provides an excellent, low-resistance ground path. Tubular and multi-wire braids are also available, as well as braids made with different materials, such as silver and stainless steel. 

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