Convoluted Split Loom

Convoluted split loom tubing is a corrugated tube with a slit down its length for easily branching of circuits of wire. Split loom tubing is most commonly used to organize wires and provide protection for wire harnesses in automotive applications.

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Split Loom Tubing from Maney

Maney Wire & Cable offers split wire loom tubing in three varieties: polyethylene 200Fnylon 300F, and UL-94 flame retardant. All our convoluted split room tubing is available in standard black; the flame retardant variety features a blue stripe, signifying that it is rated for marine wiring applications.

We provide split loom in 100’, 250’, and 500’ lengths, all specially packaged in coil boxes. The best pricing options are available with the standard factory style or Gaylord boxes. Whether this product is for personal use or for resale purposes requiring custom labeling, we can assist with your unique needs.

Split Loom Tools & Accessories

We also carry a variety of split loom tubing tools and accessories, including cushion clamps and much more, to give you the most complete split loom solution possible. Our diverse inventory makes it easy to find the right products for your electrical wiring application.

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