Expandable Sleeving, Fire Retardant

Our Fire Retardant Braided PET Monofilament Expandable Sleeving (sometimes called Flex Guard) is made from specially formulated flame retardant polyester PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) monofilament and is used to protect a variety of sizes of harnesses in one flexible braid.  It is a tough yet lightweight protective sleeving.

  • UL recognized for use up to 125C
  • CSA recognized for use up to 125C
  • Excellent chemical and fungus resistance
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Apply over wires, wire bundles and harnesses, cable assemblies, flat ribbon cable, tubing or hose
  • Open weave construction allows for complete drainage, prevents condensation and provides for dissipation of heat and moisture
  • Ideal for use on tools or robotics where wires and tubes are required to flex freely during operating cycles
  • Suitable for exposure to all weather conditions
  • Standard color is black with white crisscross tracer
  • Available in white with black crisscross tracer 

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