Welding Cable


Welding cable is designed for use in electric arc-welding machines to power an electrode, a specially designed metal rod, that conducts a charge. The charge carried by the electrode is needed to produce an electric arc, the heat source, between the electrode and the metals, or other materials, being welded. Welding cable is resistant to abrasion, oils, solvents, weather and ozone.
Maney Wire supplies welding cable that is constructed with fine stranded 100% copper wire and insulated with EDPM synthetic rubber. Our standard welding cable is made with 30 awg copper wire strands for added flexibility.

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Welding Cable Applications

Welding cable is used for arc welding leads from the secondary side of the power source, typical of welders and welding generators and power supply applications not exceeding 600 volts AC. Because of its flexibility and durability, Welding Cable is often used in automotive battery and truck battery applications and for that reason, we keep an adequate stock of both black and red welding cable. It maintains high flexibility in cold weather and when superior abrasion and chemical resistance is needed, welding cable is what you need. Welding cable can also be used as battery cable. It is a much better, more flexible cable made with a rubber jacket compared to PVC.
When extra flexibility is required and longer service life is desired, use our Super Vu Tron Orange Welding Cable. The smaller 34 awg stranding makes this welding cable more flexible and easy to route in tight places.

Welding Cable Material Advantages

Our welding cable’s rugged outer jacket protects against daily industrial damage and is a vibrant orange color for safety. Our welding cable provides numerous benefits, some of which include:
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil resistant
  • Compression cut resistant
  • Durable
  • Survives rough handling

Maney Wire supplies welding cable in a variety of lengths and in gauges from 6 gauge to 250MCM. It is also available tinned for corrosive environments.

Welding Cable Sizes 

Our welding cable is available in numerous AWG sizes, including:
  • 6
  • 1
  • 4
  • 2
  • 1/0
  • 2/0
  • 3/0
  • 4/0
  • 250 MCM
  • 350 MCM
  • 500 MCM

Welding Cable Color Options 

Our welding cable is available in several color options, these include:
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Red

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