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Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. (MWCI) carries a wide variety of clamps for every application. Cable clamps, also called P-clamps or adel clamps, are used to secure the routing of a cable, wire harness, or hose to practically any surface. A screw, bolt, or rivet can be used to attach the cable clamp securely.


The most economical clamp is our nylon clamp, available in natural or black. This light duty plastic clamp is both lightweight and secure enough for many applications. Our black nylon p clamps include an additive to protect against damage from ultraviolet rays.

If strength and superior cable protection is required, choose our best-selling cushioned clamp. MWCI has negotiated great pricing and we pass on the savings on these high-quality, American-made plated steel cushion clamps. These cushioned steel p clamps are made with a durable .032 gauge metal band which is insulated with a black EPDM cushion to protect the cable or loom from vibration and damage. Steel p clamps can be used to secure split loom, battery cables, trailer cables, and harnesses or hose.

If you are looking for marine clamps, these cushioned clamps are also available in stainless steel for superior protection from harmful elements. Professional riggers know these stainless steel clamps are the ideal clamps for marine applications.

Whether you are looking for metal clamps, stainless steel clamps, nylon cable clamps, P-clamps, or adel clamps, Maney Wire & Cable, inc. is your number one source.