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Cord Products


Maney Wire & Cable, Inc. is a full line distributor of a variety of portable cord products in many voltage ratings. Our diverse line of cord products, including welding cable, SOOW cable, SJOOW cable, SEOOW cable, SJEOOW cable, DLO cable, EISL (entertainment industry stage lighting) cable, and types W, G, and GGC. SO Cable and SJO Cable can also be used for automotive control or lighting applications. Cord can be cut to your specific length requirements or we can supply it on standard spool lengths. Whether you need a few feet of replacement cord or a few thousand feet of SJO wire, you will find we have a nice supply and great wholesale pricing at all quantity levels. Click on the type you are looking for to request a quote or call us today at 877-4MY-WIRE. We will be glad to help.